2019 / 02 / 18

  • We are Moving!
 In two weeks the time has come. Full of anticipation, we can announce: We are Moving!

2019 / 02 / 11

  • Welcome on board

Three at once!

Since the beginning of February Magdalena Radulovic as Marketing Assistant, Alexandre Nielsen as Project Manager Generated Products and Claudia Peyer as Sales / Visual Merchandising Manager are supporting the Trivarga team.

We warmly welcome them and wish them a good start.


We celebrated the launch of the new Hazelnut & Nougat bar with a special event in which all Barebells Ambassadors and Fan of the Brand were invited to a street workout at the Bardogs in Urdorf. Our Barebells Ambassador Manuel Schiltknecht introduced the approximately 20 participants to the special training methods of his sport. After the rigorous workout we had healthy snacks and of course tasty barebellicious hazelnut desserts.


The latest product development from VITAMIN WELL is our DEFENSE with the delicious taste of fresh lemons and elderflowers. DEFENSE is the ideal thirst quencher at this time of the year and supports the immune system with its fortified vitamins.

DEFENSE is a good alternative to traditional sodas and is now available in Switzerland.


HAZELNUT & NOUGAT! Welcome to the Barebells Family! A chocolate dream comes true – soft nougat cream meets crunchy hazelnuts. With 20 grams of protein and no added sugar – available now. So delicious you will go nuts!


2019 / 01 / 09

  • Welcome on board

New year new face in the Trivarga family!

Since January Patriciah Fluri is supporting us in the area of Logistics, Planning & Dispatching. We warmly welcome her and wish her a good start.


Since December, Michel Sutterlüti has joined us as Chief Financial Officer. Welcome on board!


Always prepared!

At the moment, the new VITAMIN WELL Prepare is only available in Coop Pronto.

The Prepare with passion fruit flavor contains caffeine, vitamin D, B12, C and zinc.



2016 / 04 / 04

Flavour Innovation: Naturally fermented sodas

The demand for natural beverages and “clean labels” is continuously increasing. To address this demand, Trivarga offers a series of natural beverages, including a non-alcoholic beverage line with naturally fermented malt extracts, which allows for declarations such as “brewed”, “originally brewed” and “naturally fermented”. Trivarga provides beverages such as bitter lemon, ginger ale and tonic water, with exceptionally well-rounded, harmonized taste profiles. The beverages contain only natural aromas and extracts, without the addition of artificial conservatives.


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2016 / 02 / 01

The next generation can end

The XO system is a revolutionary solution for beverage cans that allows people to reseal a beverage can multiple times and enjoy it at their leisure.
Unlike familiar beverage cans, which can only be opened once, XO equipped beverage cans have lids with an integrated plastic opening mechanism that allows the can to be re-closed and portioned for later consumption. When driving a car, doing sports, shopping – beverages stay perfectly fresh and carbonated – without spilling, dripping or allowing dirt and insects to go in the can! The XO closure system is an innovative new product development for cans ranging from 200ml to 1.0 liter. Resealed cans are pressure stable and entirely gas as well as liquid tight.


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2016 / 01 / 19

Clear Protein Drinks

Just a few years ago, protein-based food and beverages were brought in connection primarily with the bodybuilding scene. Shakes and food bars fortified with protein are meant to most effectively support muscle growth. The market for “high protein” products is growing, since not only supply but also the demand for those products has increased over the past years. On top of that, the various forms of usage and communication options are still long way from being exhausted. The latest trend would be the usage of so called clear proteins for low carb beverages with near water character. It’s no longer only bodybuilders that are mixing their protein shakes but also the average customer that wants to gain muscle growth with their workouts working out. To also attract the female market / females, the serving portions can be amended and other benefits such as vitamins and minerals especially for women can be added.


Protein Sources

To choose the right source of protein you have to consider different aspects such as functionality, nutrition and the economy. The key facts for a commercial success is a fully developed recipe and suitable channels of communication. Every single protein source (e.g. whey, milk, egg, soy) consists of different amino acids. So far, there are 23 amino acids known that are decisive for the construction of proteins for living beings. However, the spectrum of amino acids is even wider than that. Saying that, until now there are more than 400 amino acids that have biological functions.


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