Fiji Water

Artesian purity – no compromises. perfection


Fiji Water is one of the purest and highest quality artesian waters in the world and has for its source an underground volcanic reservoir in the middle of the rainforest on the island of Fiji. It is bottled without contact to the outside world and contains the highest silica content that has ever been measured in bottled drinking water. Fiji Water also actively promotes sustainability and environmental protection. For years, Fiji Water has been working together with the environmental protection organisation “Conservation International” to develop global water distribution that is CO2-negative and environmentally sound. Contrary to some opinions, Fiji Water is also committed to environmental protection and does so better than other local or national brands – and that is a fact:

  • 2007 – As part of the worldwide Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration, Fiji Water made an early commitment to track their CO2 footprint across their entire value-added chain and to make this information public.
  • 2008 – Together with Conservation International, Fiji Water started the most comprehensive protection program for the Sovi Basin, the largest rainforest ecosystem on Fiji.
  • 2010 – Fiji Water completed its transition to 100% recycled cardboard for its packaging and a proportion of more than 40% recycled PET.
  • The Fiji Water Foundation – Fiji Water runs the largest non-profit philanthropic organisation on Fiji, which has ensured improved yet sustainable living conditions for more than 100,000 people.