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2019 / 11 / 14

NEW: NOCCO Blueberry

With the new flavor, the NOCCO family in Switzerland is now growing to seven varieties. And like all other variants, NOCCO Blueberry offers a perfect blend of delicious soft drink and sports drink. Blueberry contains 180 mg of caffeine, essential amino acids (known as BCAAs) and comes without calories and sugar. For this reason, NOCCO has become an indispensable companion for many athletes.


2019 / 11 / 14

New Barebells Milkshake: Creamy Pear is here!

Creamy Pear Milkshake has the great taste of fruity-fresh pear flavor, combined with creamy-fine vanilla. And of course, the new shake also has the typical Barebells quality features: it is enriched with 24 grams of high-quality protein, has no added sugar and is lactose-free.


2019 / 08 / 07

Welcome on board

Since August Daniel Kuhn is supporting us as Key Account Manager. 

We warmly welcome him and wish him a good start.

Daniel Kuhn

2019 / 07 / 15

Battle of Lucerne – Workouts powered by NOCCO

The Battle of Lucerne took place on the weekend of 13./14. July – and we were there again!

In the categories Team and Master, 150 participants competed in different workouts.

The CrossFit competition including two workouts powered by NOCCO took place at the Lido in Lucerne.

With the stand of NOCCO we provided for challenges and refreshing drinks. With the stand of Barebells we took care for the good mood between the workouts.


2019 / 07 / 11

Welcome on board

Since July Roger Knill is supporting us as Chief Operations Officer. 

We warmly welcome him and wish him a good start.


2019 / 07 / 05

NEW: Vitamin Well Zero

Let’s start from ZERO. Following the successful launch of Vitamin Well in Switzerland, we have created a new, sugar-free and carbonated beverage in a bold can. We have selected two of our most popular flavors – Reload and Celebrate – and fortified them with vitamins – as well as our other Vitamin Well drinks. The product called Vitamin Well ZERO speaks for itself – ZERO Sugar, 100% Vitamin Well. A real thirst quencher, ready to conquer the Swiss market.

Vitamin Well ZERO is available in Switzerland in two flavors, Reload and Celebrate. ZERO Reload has a refreshing taste of lemon and lime, contains vitamins B and D as well as zinc and magnesium. ZERO Celebrate has a delicious fruity taste of mango and pineapple and is enriched with vitamin D, B12 and zinc. All Vitamin Well ZERO drinks are carbonated, sugar free and served in an eye-catching 355ml can. Enjoy well chilled!


2019 / 06 / 26

Welcome on board

Since the beginning of this week Shelly Rosenblum as Marketing & Brand Koordinator and Carmen Cianci as Logistics, Planning & Dispatching Manager are supporting
the Trivarga team.

We warmly welcome them and wish them a good start.


2019 / 06 / 18

Welcome on board

Since this week Alexandra Durrer is supporting us as Specialist Housekeeping

We warmly welcome her and wish her a good start.


2019 / 05 / 28

Welcome on board

Since this week Melanie Laura Hueber is supporting us as Ambassador- und Social Media Koordinator. 

We warmly welcome her and wish her a good start.


2019 / 05 / 15

Visit Trivarga at the PLMA Fair in Amsterdam

It is time again! This year we are again represented at the PLMA: 21st to 22nd May in Amsterdam.

Visit us at the Swiss Pavilion, Hall 1, Booth F-5343.

We are looking forward to see you.


2019 / 05 / 03

ok,- energy drink in the larger 330ml can

New: the ok, – energy drink classic is now also available in the larger 330ml can with the maximum caffeine content.


2019 / 04 / 16

BCAA Zero for Biotech USA

New: For the Hungarian company Biotech USA we have produced latley two BCAA drinks with Apple-Pear and Raspberry-Lime flavor.

The drinks are available worldwide.


2019 / 04 / 09

Welcome on board

Since March, Dennis Just has joined us as trainee and supports us in our production department.

We warmly welcome him and wish him a good start.


2019 / 04 / 01

Welcome on board

Three at once!

Since the beginning of April Claudia Gallo as Sales Manager, Oliver Steiner as Sales/Acquisition Manager and Nesrin Chreif as Accounts Receivable Manager are supporting
the Trivarga team.

We warmly welcome them and wish them a good start.


2019 / 03 / 29

Please welcome – NOCCO Limited Summer Edition Miami Strawberry

Just in time for spring, NOCCO welcomes its latest newcomer to the range of functional beverages – NOCCO Miami, with a fresh taste of strawberry.

For this launch, NOCCO has found its inspiration from a vibrant Miami where the city vibe meets colourful sunrises, sunsets and music.

The NOCCO Miami can has a thermo-effect, where the colour of the sun will be enhanced when the can gets cold.

NOCCO Miami will available in stores starting end of March.

 NOCCO Miami

2019 / 02 / 18

We are Moving!

 In two weeks the time has come. Full of anticipation, we can announce: We are Moving!

2019 / 02 / 11

Welcome on board

Three at once!

Since the beginning of February Magdalena Radulovic as Marketing Assistant, Alexandre Nielsen as Project Manager Generated Products and Claudia Peyer as Sales / Visual Merchandising Manager are supporting the Trivarga team.

We warmly welcome them and wish them a good start.


2019 / 02 / 04

Hazelnut meets Street-Workout

We celebrated the launch of the new Hazelnut & Nougat bar with a special event in which all Barebells Ambassadors and Fan of the Brand were invited to a street workout at the Bardogs in Urdorf. Our Barebells Ambassador Manuel Schiltknecht introduced the approximately 20 participants to the special training methods of his sport. After the rigorous workout we had healthy snacks and of course tasty barebellicious hazelnut desserts.


2019 / 01 / 22

Vitamin Well DEFENSE: the perfect thirst quencher for the winter

The latest product development from VITAMIN WELL is our DEFENSE with the delicious taste of fresh lemons and elderflowers. DEFENSE is the ideal thirst quencher at this time of the year and supports the immune system with its fortified vitamins.

DEFENSE is a good alternative to traditional sodas and is now available in Switzerland.


2019 / 01 / 14

NEW: Barebells Protein Bar Hazelnut & Nougat

HAZELNUT & NOUGAT! Welcome to the Barebells Family! A chocolate dream comes true – soft nougat cream meets crunchy hazelnuts. With 20 grams of protein and no added sugar – available now. So delicious you will go nuts!


2019 / 01 / 09

Welcome on board

New year new face in the Trivarga family!

Since January Patriciah Fluri is supporting us in the area of Logistics, Planning & Dispatching. We warmly welcome her and wish her a good start.


2018 / 12 / 17

Now on board: Michel Sutterlüti

Since December, Michel Sutterlüti has joined us as Chief Financial Officer. Welcome on board!


2018 / 12 / 12

Only available in Coop Pronto: Vitamin Well Prepare

Always prepared!

At the moment, the new VITAMIN WELL Prepare is only available in Coop Pronto.

The Prepare with passion fruit flavor contains caffeine, vitamin D, B12, C and zinc.


2018 / 12 / 04

Welcome on board

Final sprint! Just in time for the last weeks of the year we get energetic support from Jeremy Fridlin.

He will expand our Generated Products team as Junior Project Support Manager.

We are pleased to welcome him and wish him a good start.


2018 / 11 / 28

Welcome on board

Since November, Rahel Cucchia supports our team as Visual Merchandising Manager.

We warmly welcome her and wish her a good start.


2018 / 11 / 19

New: Barebells Vanilla Milkshake


Say hello to our new Vanilla flavour milkshake. Silky smooth, sweet cream together with the exotic taste of vanilla equals nothing but a true classic. Our mouth-watering Vanilla Milkshake has 24 grams of protein per serving, comes free from lactose with no added sugars. 100 % Barebellicious!


2018 / 11 / 13

Friendly Reminder: FITNESS EXPO 2018 in Basel

On the 17th & 18th of November 2018 the FITNESS EXPO will take place in Basel.

At the largest fitness fair in Switzerland, you can find out about the latest trends in fitness, wellness and health.

We will be there with NOCCO and Barebells.

Come by and win tasty novelties.

2018 / 11 / 07

NOCCO Shooting with our Ambassadors

During last weekend’s NOCCO shooting, full action was demanded not just from our ambassadors. No effort was spared to put our Swiss NOCCO Ambassadors in the best light.

Stay tuned for the results!


2018 / 10 / 30

Oktoberfest in Zurich

Trivarga in Oktoberfest fever! Dressed up in dirndls and lederhosen, we spent a nice evening at the Zurich Oktoberfest, which we will not forget soon.


2018 / 10 / 23

Welcome on board

Since this week Sandro De Simon supports our team as Senior Sales Manager.

We are pleased to welcome him and wish him a good start.


2018 / 10 / 17

NOCCO Camp España

The winners of our NOCCO Camp España had the opportunity to spent four days in the best training center in Europe –
Mike’s Gym in Spain with several NOCCO brand ambassadors and brand managers.

Our ambassador Nadja Pasternack (javelin thrower) has represented NOCCO Switzerland professionally on site. The journey was a complete success.

2018 / 09 / 25

NOCCO is the new official sponsor of the NHL Global Series™

We are proud to announce that we are the new official sponsor of the NHL Global Series™ with NOCCO. NOCCO is a global partner in all NHL Global Series™ ice hockey games. We offer all hockey fans the opportunity to experience the NHL stars in the preparation of the NHL Global Series™. The exciting opening match will take place in October in Bern. Join us with NOCCO!

“NOCCO is already an integral part of the hockey scene and we are honored to be an official sponsor of the Global Series™. We are very pleased to welcome the best ice hockey league in the world in our homeland and to accompany the games with special activations.”, says Louise Nobel, Marketing Manager NOCCO.

NOCCO is already very involved in hockey in Sweden. NOCCO is a partner of the Swedish Ice Hockey National Team, the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation and is also a sponsor of various Swedish Elite Ice Hockey players. The Swiss NOCCO team includes the hockey player Noah Rod of Genève-Servette HC of the National League and the junior player Stephan Hermkes of HCB Ticino Rockets.


2018 / 09 / 19

Breakfast 2 go at Aldi

From now on you can find our three super tasty Breakfast 2 go in all Aldi stores in Switzerland.

The drinks with cereals, fruits or protein provide a good start into the day, especially when you are in a hurry.


2018 / 09 / 05

NOCCO cooler bag for free

Buy 5 NOCCO cans and get your NOCCO cooler bag for free.

The promotion is valid until the end of September 2018 in all Avec, kkiosk and Press & Books stores.


2018 / 08 / 21

We are present with NOCCO at the FITNESS EXPO 2018 in Basel

It’s time again: On November 17 and 18, 2018, the largest fitness fair in Switzerland showcases on more than 30’000 m² everything the fitness heart desires.

Of course, we are also present with NOCCO. We are looking forward to your visit!


2018 / 08 / 06

Welcome on board

Last week, Mimoza Bajrami joined our team as an accountant.

We warmly welcome her and wish her a good start.


2018 / 07 / 30

ok.- Summer Edition

The ok.- energy drink Summer Edition is out now on the market in Germany.

The refreshing watermelon taste brings us even better through the hot days.


2018 / 07 / 25

NOCCO at the Battle of Lucerne

We were there! Last weekend, the “Battle of Lucerne” went down in “Strandbad Lido”. For the first time, the annual crossfit competition took place directly by the beach.

In the midst of this scenic backdrop, we had our very own NOCCO 2-man team in Category Rx and were also well represented with our booth.


2018 / 07 / 17

Natural Organic Birch Water available at Aldi Switzerland

Natural and without any frills, the natural juice of birch trees is now available at Aldi in Switzerland.

The water of the birch is gently “tapped” during spring directly from the tree and tastes slightly sweet thanks to its natural content of xylitol.

Available in classic and with elderflower.


2018 / 07 / 10

Our Breakfast 2 go at Avec

From now on you can find our three super tasty Breakfast 2 go in all German Avec stores.

The drinks with cereals, fruits or protein provide a good start into the day, especially when you are in a hurry.


2018 / 06 / 25

Hooray, the new ok.- World Cup Edition is here!

This ok.- energy drink special edition, made especially for the World Cup is now available in all k kiosks and Backwerks in Germany.


2018 / 06 / 18

NOCCO Summer Tour

In keeping with the season we were on the road in Switzerland on our NOCCO Summer Tour last week.

In Zurich, Cham, Lausanne, Basel and St. Gallen there was the opportunity to test the NOCCO Caribbean on the street and in selected Crossfit studios with the possibility to participate in different sports activities.


2018 / 06 / 11

Welcome on board

Since this week Corry Stucki supports our team as Key Brands Relations Manager.

We are pleased to welcome her and wish her a good start.


2018 / 06 / 05

Our Functional Smoothies at Avec

From now on you can find our three super tasty Functional Smoothies in all German Avec stores.

A combination of fruit and vegetables, enriched with other vitamins, brings joy and color in the daily life. 


2018 / 05 / 28

New: Barebells White Chocolate Almond

From now on, you can get the delicious bars with the extra portion of protein also in the heavenly combination of white chocolate and almonds.

We are already fans now.


2018 / 05 / 22

Welcome on board

We continue to grow. Since May, André Rasch is supporting us in the area of Logistics, Planning & Dispatching and Agathe Schütze as Graphic Designer.

We warmly welcome both and wish them a good start.

Andre_Rasch_165x290px Agathe_Schuetze_165x290px

2018 / 05 / 14

PLMA: 29th to 30th May 2018 in Amsterdam

This year we are again represented at the PLMA with our private label team and new products.

Visit us in the Europa Hall at booth F-5343. We are looking forward to see you.


2018 / 05 / 07

Welcome on board

Since April, Nicole Frei supports our team as Accounts Receivable Manager.

We warmly welcome her and wish her a good start.


2018 / 04 / 12

New: NOCCO Caribbean

Be a Pineapple!
Stand up, carry the crown high and be sweet inside.

From today, the limited Summer Edition NOCCO Caribbean is available.

The fruity fresh pineapple taste is ideal to get a summer feeling, also the spring tastes much hotter.



2018 / 03 / 08

Skiweekend 2018

The Trivarga team used the last weekend to sniff fresh, cold mountain air and meandered elegantly down the slope.

We will remember the three extraordinary days in Nendaz for a long time.



2018 / 02 / 22

Welcome on board

Since this week Gernot Stürmer supports our team as National Key Account Manager.

We are pleased to welcome him and wish him a good start.


2018 / 02 / 15

NOCCO in K Kiosk and Avec

NOCCO is now also available in K Kiosk and Avec.


2018 / 02 / 08

New: AriZona Green Tea Peach & Green Tea Plum

From now on, we offer you AriZona in two new flavours: Green Tea Peach and Green Tea Plum.


2018 / 02 / 01

New: Barebells Salty Peanut

Salty peanuts and sweet chocolate – literally like a match made in heaven.

This tasty little treat contains 20 grams of protein and no added sugar. Talk about happy snacking.

And the best part: since this week it is available from us!


2018 / 01 / 24

Now available: VITAMIN WELL Upgrade

Since January we also offer the VITAMIN WELL Upgrade.

The Upgrade with lemon-cactus flavor contains vitamins B6, B12, D, magnesium and zinc.

It takes you directly to the next level.


2018 / 01 / 15

Welcome on board

The new year has just begun and brings us new, energetic colleagues right from the start:

Janine Loosli and Franziska Widmer joined us and will support our Private Label and Middle Market teams.

We warmly welcome them and wish them a good start.


2017 / 12 / 12

Wanted: NOCCO Brand Marketing Manager


Are you our new Brand Marketing Manager in Switzerland?

Find more information on the following homepage:


2017 / 12 / 07

Welcome on board

This week, Lara Spezzacatena joined our team as an accountant.

We warmly welcome her and wish her a good start.


2017 / 11 / 30

New: Vitamin Well AWAKE

We welcome a new flavour in our vitamin well family.

In addition to the varieties Antioxidant, Reload, Everyday and Hydrate, now there is also the raspberry flavour AWAKE available.

AWAKE, in addition to the vitamins D, B12 and folic acid, also contains caffeine. – The refreshing start to the day.


2017 / 11 / 23

New: BLAZE sports drink

At the BLAZE sports drink is now available.

Zero Carbs, L-Carnitine, 160mg Caffeine, 48mg Niacin and various vitamins support your workout perfectly.

The energy kick with fat burner effect is available in orange-mango flavour.


2017 / 11 / 13

FITNESS EXPO 2017 - Thank you!

Behind us lies an absolutely fantastic weekend at the FITNESS EXPO in Basel.

Sincere thanks to all all who visited us there. Your feedback was great.

Especially our new Barebells products – the shakes and the puddings have recieved very well.

Freshly strengthened with a good mood and full of positive impressions, we start into a new week.

Thanks a lot!


2017 / 11 / 08

FITNESS EXPO 2017 in Basel

On the 11th & 12th of November 2017 the FITNESS EXPO will take place in Basel.

At the largest fitness fair in Switzerland, you can find out about the latest trends in fitness, wellness and health.

We will be there with NOCCO, Barebells and Vitamin Well.

Come by and win tasty novelties.

2017 / 10 / 26

Welcome on board

The golden autumn is coming in and with it, we are gaining cheerfull reinforcement.

Inga Herzer now supports us as Sales Manager.

We warmly welcome her and wish her a good start.

2017 / 10 / 16

Comin soon: Barebells Pudding & Milkshake

Soon the protein bar of Barebell’s delicious reinforcement comes to switzerland.

Both the milkshakes and the puddings will be available in three different flavours.

The puddings also contains 20g protein, while the milkshakes contain 24g per bottle.

2017 / 10 / 12

SBFV International Swiss Cup 2017

The SBFV International Swiss Cup will take place on 14 October 2017 in Basel.

We will be there and  represent Barebells and NOCCO.

Come and visit us!

      WhatsApp Image 2017-10-11 at 16.25.33_NEWS

2017 / 10 / 04

New in denmark: Murph BCAA

There is a new BCAA drink with a fantastic apple flavor on the danish market.

Murph has been available since September in the Dansk supermarkets.

2017 / 05 / 23

"Kizzl Wasser" also available in REWE

Sparkling mineral water with forest fruit flavour in REWE (Germany) – a ticklish experience!

Prickelndes Mineralwasser mit Waldbeergeschmack

2017 / 04 / 25

NEW: Barebells Protein Bars

From now the protein bars von Barebells are available at Trivarga in three delicious varieties: Cockies and Cream, Caramel Cashew and Coconut-Choco. More information to follow soon on our website.


2017 / 04 / 12

AriZona makes "Gold" a refreshing adventure

On April 11, 2017, we were with AriZona at the movie premiere of „Gold“ in the cinema Abaton in Zurich. With a refreshing AriZona it was guaranteed a perfect movie evening for the guests.


2017 / 04 / 03

The world's first coconut water soda is produced

The beverage named BIG BOSS PALM consisting of coconut water and vanilla soda is now available in England. Produced in cooperation with Trivarga.

More information about BIG BOSS PALM under:


2017 / 03 / 29

NOCCO is available in Jelmoli Food Market

NOCCO is now available in Jelmoli Food Market. All NOCCO products contain proteins in the form of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), are lactose-free, have no carbohydrates, and therefore no sugar.


2017 / 02 / 27

Trivarga will be at the Lekkerland fair

We will attend at the Lekkerland fair in Brunegg on April, 26, 2017. We kindly inform you about products and trends and will present you great offers.

We look forward to seeing you!

2017 / 02 / 20

Highest quality Fiji Water is available in Manor Food

The Fiji Water is now available in Manor Food. Fiji Water is one of the purest and highest quality artesian waters in the world and has for its source an underground volcanic reservoir in the middle of the rainforest on the island of Fiji.


2017 / 02 / 13

Taste it now: Vitamin Well at kkiosk

Actually you can taste Vitamin Well, the low-calorie soft drink from Sweden, in three flavours at kkiosk. It is our pleasure to inform you about the beverage on the following tastings:

February, 14, 2017 / 10.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m.
kkiosk Landesmuseum, HB Halle Museumstrasse
February, 15, 2017 / 10.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m.
Bahnhofkiosk Winterthur
February, 16, 2017 / 10.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m.
Bahnhofkiosk Wetzikon
February, 17, 2017 / 10.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m.
Bahnhofkiosk Dietikon

More dates will follow in March!


2017 / 02 / 06

Vitamin Well is on TV

Now on the TV: Vitamin Well with Zlatan Ibrahimović. Visit the ad on Tele Züri or click here:




2017 / 01 / 31

Vitamin Well tastings

Last week we presented Vitamin Well at Jelmoli in Zurich. Vitamin Well are ideal thirst quenchers and are a great alternative to soft drinks, juices and other still beverages, and are available in four variants. Visit us at the next tasting at Jelmoli in Zurich on the 4th February 2017 from 10.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m.

We are looking forward to you!


2017 / 01 / 17

The "Kizzl Wasser" is concocted

The new “Pumuckl Kizzl Wasser” is now available on the German market and it delivers what it promises, the Klabauter parole: it prickles on the tongue, and tickles in the tummy. Pleasant wildberry-flavour, sugar-free, without sweetener, no preservatives and with natural flavour. Development and production in cooperation with Trivarga.


2017 / 01 / 09

"Ballerina" with AriZona

As a product sponsor AriZona took part at the special screening under the slogan “Ballerina” in the cinema Abaton in Zurich. Apart from the cinema showing every guest received a AriZona Green Tea for free!


2016 / 12 / 19

Trivarga christmas party 2016

While on the hunt for the clever fox throughout the city of Zurich, it was not just our brain cells that were on overdrive. After completing the FoxTrail, we enjoyed a feast for the senses in one of the traditional guild houses in the Zurich Old Town. Like every year, we celebrated a lovely Christmas event, with a combination of adventure and gregarious togetherness.


2016 / 12 / 15

The Tranquini family is growing

The new flavours for Tranquini are here: the Hibiscus and the Apple Cherry. Produced in cooperation with Trivarga.


2016 / 12 / 09

The winner of the 5th Swiss null promille trophy

“Mocktails” the non-alcoholic drinks are absolutely trendy. There are no limits to the creativity. The big winner of this trophy in the category fancy drink was Adriano Volpe, Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, Basel. We are proud to be with AriZona Pomegranate a main component in his drink. Our deepest gratitude to him for these refreshing delights!

You can find the recipe from the drink “Healthy Swiss” under:


2016 / 12 / 02

Black Power for Chile

The new energy drink, „BLACK POWER“ produced by Trivarga will soon be available in Chile.


2016 / 11 / 22

Fiji Water in a new look

The Fiji Water presents itself with an new label design. The deepening shades of cobalt and sapphire represent the rain drop’s journey from cloud to volcanic rock, where it ends in an ancient artesian aquifer.The signature pink hibiscus flower is greatly amplified, reflecting Fiji Water’s youthful spirit and capturing the essence of “untouched” for premium bottled water consumers.


2016 / 11 / 14

NOCCO rocks Basel

We presented NOCCO at the FITNESS EXPO in Basel – the largest fitness fair of Switzerland – and we had a massive success. Enthusiastic visitors had a great interest at our pull-up competition. Many thanks to all our helpers for this gigantic appearance!


2016 / 11 / 09

New arrivals by Tranquini: Relaxation from the bottle

Tranquini’s three classic varieties will soon be available without carbonic acid as Tranquini STILL Drink. Additionally, several new varieties will be launched soon under Tranquini WATER+FRUIT – the first water which relaxes. Development and production in cooperation with Trivarga.


2016 / 10 / 18

Coming soon!

The vitamin drinks from Vitamin Well are definitely something to look forward to! They are ideal thirst quenchers, enriched with a multitude of vitamins, minerals, as well as fruit- and plant extracts. The beverages are non-carbonated, and are a great alternative to soft drinks, juices and other still beverages, and will be available in four variants.

More information to follow soon!


2016 / 10 / 11

We are present with NOCCO at the FITNESS EXPO 2016

FITNESS EXPO, the largest fitness fair of Switzerland shows all what your heart is looking for. The event is from November 12 to November 13, 2016, in Basel. Over than 70 exhibitors will present their fitness innovations, training progams and the newest products. We are there with NOCCO, the BCAA sport drink. We look forward to your visiting!


2016 / 10 / 03

The berries are on the loose: a new ok.– energy drink

ok.– energy drink present a new limited edition on the German market: “wildberry”. The fruit- and lavender-flavored energy drink ensures more power. Designed and produced in cooperation with Trivarga.


2016 / 09 / 27

AriZona and Fiji Water to the cinema premiere of "Bad Moms"

AriZona and Fiji Water took part as a product sponsor at the movie premiere of “Bad Moms” in the cinema Abaton in Zurich. A delicious aperitif with a refreshing AriZona or Fiji Water was guaranteed.


2016 / 09 / 12

NARGILEM – fresh metered in the German market

NARGILEM is a new energy drink and provides the necessary power in a unique character. The beverage is available in 3 flavours: Watermelon, Blackberry and Pink Grapefruit. All “hookah people” will be pleased with this special beverage in the beautiful 250 ml can. Designed and produced in cooperation with Trivarga.


2016 / 09 / 12

Tranquini Jasper at Jelmoli Food Factory

Since the beginning of September the new Tranquini variety Jasper with ginger lemongrass is available at Jelmoli Food Factory as first swiss channel.

More Information:


2016 / 09 / 08

myBox with Tranquini

Watch out gourmet friends: finally, the constant search for new, delicious food and beverages is over. An exciting assortment of 5 to 8 Swiss gourmet specialities and novelties can now directly be delivered to your doorstep. Quarterly, you will receive a special selection from the experts, lovingly packed and quickly delivered. This package of gourmet delight is called ‘myBox’ and you can order it directly under

Tranquini Original and Tranquini Jade is part of the current issue N° 3.


2016 / 09 / 07

New in our team

Since September 1, Cristina Müntener will be supporting the team as Sales Manager Mid Market. Good start!


2016 / 09 / 01

Our Brand & Sales Manager for Nocco

We warmly welcome Gustav Ahmeti as Brand & Sales Manager for Nocco and wish him a good start!


2016 / 08 / 30

„Mother’s Day“ with Fiji Water and The Berry Company

We took part with Fiji Water and The Berry Company on August 23 at the special screening under the slogan “Every Day is Mother’s Day“ in the cinema Abaton in Zurich. Apart from the cinema showing every guest received a Fiji and The Berry Company for free!


2016 / 08 / 23

NOCCO: The BCAA Sport Drink is now available in Switzerland!

NOCCO is the fastest-growing BCAA-based beverage in all of Europe, and we are now welcoming NOCCO in Switzerland with three versions: Peach, Pear and Apple. All NOCCO products contain proteins in the form of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), but are low in calories and without sugar.

More informations about NOCCO coming soon on our website.


2016 / 08 / 15

We present the brand new Tranquini taste

Tranquini’s new alternative taste with ginger and a note of lemongrass. Made with a natural herbal blend, and green tea extract with natural theanine. Taste it today and enjoy a positively relaxed lifestyle. Available as 250 ml can.


2016 / 07 / 25

THE NEW PHIL'S: Cool and refreshing, it is the perfect thirst quencher

Phil’s Eistee is proud to present its latest creation: the organic green tea with apples. On the palate, the taste is with pleasant sencha green tea, rounded with the flavour of apples and a touch of Morocco mint. All ingredients are of agricultural origin, from organic farming. Produced and distributed with passion.

More information:


2016 / 07 / 21

Freestyle Night 2016

As every year AriZona was part of the incredible Freestyle Night on the ski jump in Mettmenstetten.
The boys and girls are getting better and bolder each year. Conclusion… DARE AND GO AHEAD!


Fotos: Privatsammlung,


2016 / 07 / 11

AriZona: Pure refreshment in 500 ml cans

AriZona is now available in 500ml cans. AriZona is pure refreshment, fantastic in flavour and wins you over with its uniquely beautiful design. AriZona is made with high quality ingredients and tastes delicious, without the addition of any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


2016 / 07 / 04

NEW ok.– mineral water in Germany

The ok.– mineral water in the 1.5 L bottle is now available in the shops in Germany. Italian quality mineral water from the spring named Lissa, produced and designed in cooperation with Trivarga.


2016 / 06 / 21

Is your stomach growling or is your meeting again going longer as planned?

With FRIYA Superfood Drink, you can now escape your little hunger pangs without a problem. Come invite us to your restaurant for a tasting session – it would be our pleasure to drop by. :-)

Mehr Informationen zu FRIYA:


2016 / 06 / 13

New on board

Since June 1, Stefanie Gruber joined the team as “Verkauf und Markenverantwortliche” for TranQuini Switzerland. Very welcome to the team!


2016 / 06 / 06

NEW there are AriZona Cowboy Cocktails also in the gigantic 1.5 L bottle!

The AriZona Cowboy Cocktails with some more fresh fruity taste: Mucho Mango, Watermelon und Fruit Punch are now available as 1.5 L PET!


2016 / 05 / 30

Trivarga joins the PLMA Amsterdam 2016

Trivarga was again part of the Swiss Pavilion at the PLMA in Amsterdam from May 24 to May 25 to present the international audience our new products and ideas.
We had a very successful exhibition.


2016 / 05 / 26

ROYAL ORANGE JUICE for the Kingdome of freshness

The Royal Orange Juice with a great sweet fruity taste is now available in Brezelkönig – the Kingdome of freshness.– Brezelkönig. Guaranteed best quality for a royal breakfast or simply as a snack: the orange juice is 100% directly pressed and Swiss made; in behalf of Trivarga AG.



2016 / 05 / 17

Fruity fresh through the summertime

The fruity and fresh Flirt Schorle in three flavours such as “Orange-Mango”, “Apple-Maracuya” and “Pink Grapefruit” are now available in Aldi stores – throughout Switzerland! Designed and produced in cooperation with Trivarga.


2016 / 05 / 11

Our AriZona spot is now live!

Have a look yourself and celebrate the summer with AriZona! To the ad:


2016 / 05 / 02

There is the little muscle man

The popular basil superfood drink is now available as well with vitalising chia seeds: vegan – no added sugars – no added preservatives – lactose-free.

More informations about FRIYA Chia:


2016 / 04 / 20

Now: L1quid Caffeinated Water is available in Spain

L1quid Classic and High produced by Trivarga, is already available in Spain. More flavours will follow!

More informations about L1quid:


2016 / 04 / 07

New power for migrolino

migrolino newly launches its „Powerlino“ Energy Drink, designed and produced in cooperation with Trivarga.
Powerlino is now available in selected migrolino shops – go try it!


2016 / 03 / 23

The ultimate work break!

At the ski weekend this year, the Trivarga team enjoyed three fantastic days in Nendaz (VS).


2016 / 03 / 11

Citywave with AriZona

AriZona is event sponsor at the Citywave in Winterthur. Together with exciting surf sessions you can find a unique ambience with palm trees, beach chairs, water and surf sound. Additional you can enjoy AriZona at the integrated beach bar. The event ends at March, 03, 2016.

More informations:


2016 / 03 / 05

Marketing support

Since March 1, Tomer Meister is supporting our Marketing team as Marketing Assistant. We wish him a good start!


2016 / 01 / 20

Now available with Trivarga: FRIYA – the new vegan superfood drink

FRIYA is a vegan superfood drink with basil seeds, infused with the delightful taste of cherry and rose petals. Not to forget the basil seeds, a closer relative of the chia seeds, which are a real, healthy treat for our body.



2015 / 12 / 18

Trivarga christmas party 2015

Also this year we enjoyed an extravagantly organized Christmas party with a sporty touch. It was all about – ice, though Tribärtler and hot action: that was our ice hockey match!



2015 / 12 / 01

Now on board

On December 01, 2015, Sasa Mileusnic joined the team as Sales Striker Tranquini – welcome on board!


2015 / 11 / 25

Support for our team

Since November 23, 2015, Melanie Baumann will be supporting us as a Corporate Assistant. Very welcome at Trivarga!


2015 / 11 / 09

Our new Beauty

As of late, our “Beauty” has been driving around the streets of Zürich in its new AriZona look, and has already been turning heads. Taking photos is more than welcome!

Please share them with us on:



2015 / 10 / 01

New in our Sales Crusader team

Since October 1, 2015, Angie Ziegler will be supporting the team as Sales Crusader. Good start!


2015 / 09 / 01

New Office Manager at Trivarga

On September 01, 2015, Laura Nebel joined the team as Office Manager. We wish her a good start!


2015 / 08 / 28

Our chill girls on tour

This week our chill girls are on tour at Coop stores and present the relaxation drink TRANQUINI. Visit them!

Mi / Do (26./27.9.15): Liestal BL und Seewen SZ

Fr / Sa (28./29.9.15): Lachen SZ, Schönenwerd SO, Basel Südpark BS, Burgdorf BE, Worb BE, Chur Quader GR und Canobbio TI


2015 / 08 / 17

New in the team

Since august, Brigita Kovacevic will be supporting us as a Sales Crusader: very welcome!



2015 / 08 / 06

Tranquini is now available in a 355 ml can

Tranquini® Positively Relaxed is a relaxation drink to help take the edge out of life’s daily stress.



2015 / 07 / 01

Trivarga joins the Swiss Harley Days in Lugano

Visit us from July 3 to 5 at our AriZona Beach Bar at the biggest Biker Event in Switzerland. We will spoil you with our fruity and most of all, refreshing AriZona Drinks & Co.!

We are looking forward to it – let’s rock!



2015 / 06 / 17

Extravagant Mocktail-Creations

Non-alcoholic drinks are the absolute hit this summer! Our AriZona Cowboy Cocktail Watermelon and AriZona Pomegranate have made it into the top Mocktail Recipes of Andy Walch (Swiss Cocktail Champion 2014). Our deepest gratitude to him for these refreshing delights!

You can find the recipes in the latest Coop Magazine No. 25 or under:

Have fun!



2015 / 06 / 04

Successful PLMA 2015

The PLMA 2015 in Amsterdam was a massive success for Trivarga. The visit at our booth by the Swiss Ambassador to the Netherlands, H.E. Urs Breiter was additionally of course, a great pleasure for us!



2015 / 05 / 07

Spring-inspired Discounts of 10% on AriZona

Celebrate spring time with AriZona – now available at a 10% discount in all (possibly larger) Coop Prontos! Promo valid from May 11 – 24, 2015.



2015 / 05 / 07

Winning the hearts of Coop stores – Part 2!

Go refreshed through the summer: you can now find the fruity AriZona Cowboy Cocktails on the Coop shelves!



2015 / 05 / 06

Winning the hearts of Coop stores – Part 1!

The fruitylicious, The Berry Company drinks are now available in Coop!
The Berry Company are refreshing drinks made from 35% fruit juice. Their extraordinary choice of fruit juice combinations creates a unique tasting experience of luscious berries, which unjustly often get forgotten – so try it out yourself!



2015 / 04 / 29

Relax, Be Positive, Good Happens

Tranquini® Positively Relaxed is a new relaxation drink to help take the edge out of life’s daily stress. These calming effects are brought about by carefully selected herbs to make you feel relaxed. Open your Tranquini and enjoy a positive, relaxed life!



2015 / 04 / 01

Welcome Mestan

Not an April’s Fools: Starting April 1, 2015, Mestan Evren supports our Accounting & Order Planning/Dispatching Team. We wish you a great start!



2015 / 03 / 16

Trivarga joins the PLMA 2015

From May 20 to May 21, the PLMA Trade Show is held in Amsterdam. Trivarga will be there too. Let’s rock ‘n’ roll and visit us at our stand!



2015 / 03 / 09

The breakfast box of Radio Energy

A great idea from Radio Energy to surprise their customers with a breakfast box! We are proud to be part of this with our fruit juices from The Berry Company.



2015 / 03 / 03

CLUB your life – enjoy the moment!

Oh my god!!! Our Sales Crusaders on tour:


2015 / 03 / 02

5 years Patricia

We are celebrating Patricia’s 5th anniversary with Trivarga. We are very thankful for her great efforts and wish for many more awesome years to come!


2015 / 03 / 02

HELLO KITTY gets a new "dress"

Our Hello Kitty Star Drink gets a new design but the fresh taste of raspberry remains!


2015 / 02 / 18

15% Discount on our Spongebob Bubble Drink – on sale until the end of february!

On February 19, the SPONGEBOB movie will star in cinemas throughout Switzerland – and it’s the perfect opportunity to try out our fruity Spongebob Bubble Drink in pineapple flavour to match the occasion.



2015 / 02 / 01

NEW product coming for summer

The new “barrel soda“ is here! Brewed only with the finest spring water and barley malt, Brewer’s Fizz is an all-natural refreshment soda without artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives. On top of that, it is isotonic and has up to 50 percent less sugar and calories than regular lemonades.



2015 / 01 / 05

Visual support

Since January 5, 2015, Karin Brunner is supporting our team as graphic designer. Welcome!



2015 / 01 / 01

The Cowboys are coming to town

Starting 2015, you can now avail of the NEW AriZona Cowboy Cocktails in the shops. Be pleased with the new explosions of flavours!



2014 / 12 / 19

Trivarga christmas dinner 2014

We at Trivarga always place high value on our Christmas dinners. This year, we heated things up through a nightly stand up paddle adventure at Lake Zürich – with water temperatures of 4C°.



2014 / 12 / 01

Support – Part II

Since December 1, 2014, Leandra Azzan will be supporting the team as Project Manager. Good start!



2014 / 11 / 20

Support – Part I

On November 20, 2014, Jeannette Maeder joined the team as Office Manager. Welcome!



2014 / 08 / 08

Welcome Ganush!

Since August 2014, Ganush Ajredini is supporting our Crusaders Team as the all new addition to our Sales Force. Welcome!


2014 / 07 / 14

Welcome aboard: Georgia Jauslin

Beginning of July, Georgia Jauslin has joined the team to support us as Private Label Project Manager. Welcome!



2014 / 07 / 04

Freestyle-Night 2014 with AriZona

Just like last year AriZona is exclusive Ice Tea sponsor at the Freestyle-Night 2014. The event takes place July 19, 2014 in Mettmenstetten and offers great entertainment in disciplines like Aerials, Freeski, Snowboard and Bike!



2014 / 07 / 02

Pure Fruits direct juices for ALDI

Just recently there was an update for ALDI’s 330 ml Pure Fruits direct juices. They come in three different flavors such as Pineapple, Orange and Multifruit. Designed and produced in cooperation with Trivarga.



2014 / 06 / 27

NEW: CLUB Energy Drink!

Right on time for summer we launch our very first own brand called “CLUB Energy Drink”. The can containing the classic energy drink flavor, doesn’t only have the looks, it’s also great for your wallet. Quality doesn’t have to be expensive. So get going and get your informations, buy it, try it!


2014 / 05 / 12

ok.- Energy Drink goes to Singapore

The contracts have been signed and so it is final – ok.- energy drinks will soon be available in Singapore as well! The contract signing commenced with classic Asian formalities, along with an official ceremony together with trade representatives and embassy diplomats from Switzerland.

More information:



2014 / 04 / 08

Premier of "Divergent" with AriZona

As a product sponsor AriZona took part at the movie premier of “Divergent” cinema Abaton in Zurich. Apart from great entertainment, every guest reiceived a AriZona for free!



2014 / 04 / 08

Angry Birds Sampling on Swiss Main Stations

The product samplings for Angry Birds at the train stations in Zurich, Bern and Basel have been a great success! Children and grown-ups alike delighted themselves in this refreshment, and we surely have won some new fans!



2014 / 03 / 11

Cocktail Champion 2013 with AriZona & The Berry Company

Andy Walch is Swiss Cocktail Champion 2013. The drinks of AriZona and The Berry Company make great ingredients and gain in populartiy to barkeepers. We love this fact and thats why we post 2 recipe recommendations for you

Royal Temptation
4 cl Malibu, 1 fresh plum, 1,5 cl Crème de mûre Cartron, 6 cl The Berry Company Superberry Purple, 1,5 cl Cassispulp

5 cl Vodka Exellent, 2 cl grapefruit-liqueur, 1 cl passionfruit-sirup, 6 cl AriZona Green Tea, 6 cl cranberry-saft




2014 / 02 / 27

NOW Angry Birds Drinks in your MIGROS

Red and chuck are two figures out of the popular game Angry Birds. The two Angry Birds are now also available as softdrink in the flavors Tropic and Orange-Citrus and can be found in all bigger Migros-Stores.



2014 / 02 / 21

World record accomplished!

Freddy Nock achieves to set a new world record by riding a bike together with six ordinary people, inside the globe of death at the “Swiss Moto 2014”! AriZona is official beverage sponsor and was right there when this took place!



2014 / 02 / 14

World record attempt with AriZona

On February 20, 2014 Freddy Nock will be riding his motorbike inside a 4,9 meter high steel ball at the SWISS-MOTO 2014, accompanied by six ordinary people who he casted in Tägipark. If he succeeds, this is a new world record, an AriZona was right there as a sponsor.



2014 / 02 / 04

schweiz.bewegt with AriZona

The Coop community duel of “schweiz.bewegt” is happening for the 9th time already. The largest excercise and nutrition event of Switzerland takes place from May 2 to 10, 2014. AriZona will join as the exclusive beverage partner.



2014 / 02 / 03

Successful SMAG Energy Drink

The energy drink SMAG, produced by Trivarga is gaining market share in Denmark.



2014 / 01 / 31

New ok.- Energy Drink

There is soon to come a new edition of the ok.- Energy Drink series. To keep a little bit of that excitement, the flavour will not yet be communicated! Stay tuned!



2014 / 01 / 30

Brand New: Angry Birds

Angry Birds Drinks just became the most recent member to the Trivarga product line and is already creating some noise in the media! Read more about it on 20 Minuten Online!



2014 / 01 / 29

The Berry Company Success

According to the latest numbers Switzerland is now the biggest outlet of The Berry Company 330 ml convenience units!



2014 / 01 / 14

Trivarga producer of GO Energy Drink

For Spar Southafrica, Trivarga is producing the new GO Energy Drink!



2014 / 01 / 06

Hop on the AriZona Tram

Welcome aboard the AriZona Tram in Zürich! From december 21, 2013 the tram can be seen on the lines 6, 7 or 9! Get in and enjoy!



2013 / 12 / 23

Fire Energy Drink conquers danish market

After conquering Venezuela first, the Fire Energy Drink produced by Trivarga now goes for the danish market!



2013 / 12 / 02

L1quid Caffeinated Water

L1quid caffeinated water produced by Trivarga, is already available in 12 different countries!



2013 / 12 / 02

AriZona supports World Record

As a sponsor AriZona supports extreme sport athlete Freddy Nock, who is atempting the world record for riding a motorbike in a steel ball together with 6 ordinary people!



2013 / 11 / 29

Very effective IGEHO 2013

The IGEHO fair in Basel was a great success for us. After a total of 5 days at our huge, almost 100 m2 booth, we are pleased about all the valuable connections we made and the potential business partners we met!



2013 / 10 / 17

Just arrived: Superman & Batman

In november Trivarga starts the distribution of two new kids beverages: Superman (Kids Drink) and Batman (Kids Cola)