Success Stories


For a leading company operating convenience chains and small-scale retail points of sale in Europe, we developed an energy drink series, which served as the cornerstone of their new, extensive private label product range. After three years, it became the first energy drink worldwide to implement a successful, multi-flavour strategy with currently more than 15 flavours and seasonal specials. Within three years, this private label has developed into a successful and iconic brand equity enjoying a global expansion into currently 8 countries, and is the undoubted number 2 most popular energy drink in Switzerland, one of the world’s most saturated markets in this product category.


For an already established company with existing distribution capacities in Scandinavia and Germany, Trivarga has been producing and supporting the continuous development of their new brand in an extremely fast-growing niche market for functional beverages. Within a year, this new brand grew into a portfolio of over 15 versions and conquered the market with a clear and undisputed pole position as market leader in all of Scandinavia. During its transition into the second year, the brand expanded throughout Central Europe and the Middle East and further enjoys a successful growth rate in high, double-digit percentages.


For a new brand which is already currently establishing itself as the market leader in a new product category, we took over a significant role pertaining to production, development and further product conceptualisation. Additionally, we have guided them through the entire production management, worldwide dispatch and logistics planning, implementation of complex demands pertaining to regulatory affairs, as well as warehouse administration and product diversity management; moreover, we pre-financed a significant part of the rollout and expansion to approximately 30 countries within 12 months.


For a leading provider of online and mobile games, Trivarga assisted the conceptualisation of a diversification strategy and realised the market entry of one of their beverage products. This included the development of category-specific recipes inspired by the famous characters of this game world, the production of a new product line, the management of distributors and royalties, as well as the customization of recipes for diverse and country-specific market regulations.


For a successful company operating convenience shops specialising in food and beverage in all of Switzerland, we developed a new beverage line filled in PET, completely certified-organic. Additionally, we co-defined the brand positioning of the private label and within one year, the provider has decided to expand the product line further, and has already doubled their volumes.


Together with a young and dynamic company in Denmark, we have developed and produced a completely new brand, positioned on a national scale. Within 2 years, the client acquired a dominant and popular market position, being the first provider offering a purely fruit-flavoured energy drink line, in combination with iced teas and other functional products. Additionally, they run an extremely successful, ongoing viral campaign online, which delights the main internet community of the entire country.

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